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Peacock Film Finance

If you are a discerning producer or investor who could benefit from our film and television investment expertise we would be delighted to hear from you

Film Projects

Peacock is a one-stop film and television finance company with expertise in sourcing projects and securing funds from independent investors.

Investment Compatibility

We identify commonality between producers and investors and match them with suitable projects.

Investment Due Diligence

Our team diligently vets all projects to assess their commercial viability with an identifiable audience whilst determining committed distribution outlets.

Quality Control

With the expansion of media channels there are more opportunities for delivering content. We always look for quality projects to match with investors looking for careful investment of their hard earned money.



Film and television investment are historically resistant to the vagaries of the global economy even in a difficult financial climate. Returns are unrelated to equity, property and bond markets.



We are always looking for exciting new projects to consider for investment. Please submit your project to us for consideration and we will review and run things through our selection process.

We choose our film and television projects when the story inspires us, the creative excites us and the finance reassures us

Our team vets each one for financial potential based on creative quality, a sound financial plan and an identifiable audience and distribution outlet