At Peacock we work closely with our clients to create bespoke content designed to motivate and inform their target audience. We offer advice on all aspects of production, and tailor every video to fit with the requirements and schedules.

Whether you opt for a ‘Talking Heads’ piece, a series of fast paced “Vox Pops” interviews, a viral video, or a scripted studio bulletin, Peacock will deliver compelling results at a fair price.

Making your short film in six easy steps

Commissioning a video doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive or time-consuming as the Peacock team will manage every detail for you.

1 Brainstorm

Peacock will meet with you to discuss your strategy and requirements and will make recommendations as to the best way of delivering your message(s).

2 Proposal

We will assess your requirements and submit a draft proposal. This will cover budget, length, projected timings, and relevant technical details of producing your video.

3 Schedule

Taking your feedback into account, we will finalise the proposal and issue a detailed schedule of timings and locations.

4 Action!

Filming will take place according to the agreed schedule, with minimum disruption to you and the interviewees’ working day.

5 Edit

We will edit your footage and add any agreed voice-overs, graphics and music before showing you one or more final cuts for your feedback.

Upon approval of the final version, your video is ready to go.