The Winter's Tale

A stylized mafia approach to Shakespeare’s play.

One of Shakespeare’s enduring plays, and regularly on school syllabus, there has never been a feature film, making this the definitive version.

The Sicilian Kingpin of produced narcotics has it all. But, in a moment of jealous madness, he accuses his pregnant wife of adultery with his best friend (another drug lord) and banishes them from his kingdom. The fallout is devasting – his son dies, he denies parenthood to his newborn child, banishing it to be killed, and his wife also dies.

This is a timely tale of a man’s attitude and ego destroying himself – this adaptation touches the zeitgeist.

Script complete.

Sicilian Film Fund application.

Letters of intent from: Dame Harriet Walter, Stockard Channing, Steven Berkoff, David Wenham, Nick Moran, Joseph Millson, Michael Maloney

Production Company: Three Wise Monkeys Productions created and produced Universal UK’s first ever fully financed feature film Tango One, based on the best-selling novel by Stephen Leather (The Foreigner).

Director: Sacha Bennett
Bennett has directed 8 feature films, from Shakespeare (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) to franchises (We Still Kill The Old Way and Bonded By Blood) and created projects for the likes of BBC, Paramount and Universal. He’s directed talent such as Oscar nominee Bob Hoskins, Bafta/Emmy winner Jenny Agutter and Olivier winner Luke Treadaway.

Producer: Patricia Rybarczyk
Overseeing 20 feature films, and working alongside Martin Scorsese, Rybarczyk has produced films with talent such as Bafta nominee Timothy Spall, Mark Hamill, Jean Claude Van Damme and Steven Berkoff, as well as working on shows for Channel 4 and BBC.